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Hotel Carolina is owned by a group of business people from the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia in the Southern Region of the United States. We are hoteliers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Most of all, we are seasoned business travelers who understand our own needs and those of our fellow businessmen. We are dedicated to offer you a business hotel that will sensibly meet your needs both service-wise and cost-wise, while specializing in our brand of Southern Hospitality that is renowned throughout the United States.

The state of South Carolina identifies itself with "Smiling faces, Beautiful places" and this is feeling you'll have as our staff welcomes you to our hotel. When Southerners receive guests, everything should be done to make them feel as if they are at home. It is this principle that the Hotel Carolina operates on. Our staff is trained to treat you the way they treat guests in their own home, with warmth and sincerity. Our mission is to make you feel that Hotel Carolina is your home away from home, and your office away from the office!

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